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The Greenfield Center

The Greenfield Center has been working with alcoholics and individuals struggling with drug addiction since 1987 to help them improve their lives. The Greenfield Center has worked with thousands of men and women to help them overcome the powerful hold a chemical addiction can have on their lives.

All clinical staff are licensed or certified by the State of Florida. All staff members are in recovery for addiction or co-dependency themselves. The Greenfield Center cares for patients and will provide the emotional, physical, and psychological support they need for a successful recovery from substance abuse and addiction.

A Whole-patient Approach to Treatment

The facility’s Intensive Outpatient Program approach is an integration of the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) self help philosophy and modern behavior change strategies. It includes guided practice in the acceptance of unmanageability, in the management of stress, in gaining control over upsetting emotions, in expressing positive regard for one’s self and others, and in following a chemical free lifestyle. The staff of the Center is confident that these core treatment program components are effective, reasonable in cost, and requires minimum disruption to the participant’s life. The team works with families, if desired, to provide education related to the disease of addiction. The program is designed to consider the needs and discuss the common problems of families affected by chemical dependency.

Getting Started

The facility’s Intensive Outpatient Program assists the participant through the first five (5) Steps of AA/NA. Participants present self assessments related to their chemical dependency in the group setting (Step One). The concepts of Steps Two and Three are discussed in lecture, and later presented in the group. As with Steps Two and Three, Steps Four and Five are discussed in lecture, presented privately to a counselor, and then the participant is encouraged to share as much of these Steps as practical in the group.

What You'll Need

  • Photo ID
  • Insurance Card (if applicable)
  • Form of Payment

Current Blog Posts


Q: What services does Greenfield Center offer?

A: Intensive Outpatient Programs spanning a variety of program methods and subject areas including: Individualized Assessment, Treatment Planning, and Discharge Planning, Chemical Dependency and Abuse Education, Addiction Recovery Concepts, Goal Setting for Recovery, Spiritual Therapy, and Rational Living concepts.

Q: What services do your OTPs offer?

A: Healthcare Services Medical histories, annual physical examinations, and blood chemistry analyses. Routine drug testing and medical treatment planning for the abuse of alcohol and non-opioid drugs. Diagnosis of and referral to other healthcare matters where applicable. Testing, treatment / counseling, and education for TB and HIV/AIDS. Health awareness, wellness, and nutrition education. Social... Read More

Q: We already have suboxone clinics in this area – why do we need methadone? Is methadone better than suboxone for treating opioid addiction?

A: For many individuals, suboxone (buprenorphine plus naloxone) is an effective first-option for opioid addiction treatment, but it does not work for all patients. This treatment modality is very similar to methadone treatment in that it involves the administration of a legal opioid (buprenorphine) to stabilize the biochemistry of the opioid-dependent person. The active ingredient, buprenorphine, is... Read More